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Three years living with Darcie

THREE YEARS LIVING WITH DARCIE -first in a series by Marcie Mercy-  

I'm Marcie. Call me Darcie's alter ego, if you like, but I'm more accurately her twin fiddle sister. Darcie invited me to play and sing on her newest CD. Darcie's photo is on the front cover, and mine is on the back. I'm always at Darcie's shows, and I sing and play a few songs, but it hasn't been until recently she's given me the stage and walked off.

I have a working title for stories to be told. Earlier today, the seed was planted in my brain by Pawleen. Pawleen is the taller dog. An empress, a gentle giant guardian angel. She does what she needs to do, not what any person tells her to. Although she does listen to Darcie and I. Pawleen wants to tell her story about Darcie. Specifically the last couple of years. Darcie adopted Pawleen from a shelter about 11 years ago, when she was 5 or 6 months old. We've shared many adventures, but the last three years have been different. Pawleen wants to be heard. Her bark just doesn't carry as much as she needs it to. So here I am. 

Pawleen is smarter than the average bear, but she hasn't learned to write yet. So she asked me to be her ghost writer. Now, Darcie, Pawleen, and I all share the computer (we recently spotted Pawleen's thumbs). We have to work out our schedules and priorities. Darcie would rather Pawleen not work at the computer. Not after she discovered her watching the adventures of Yethmuth and Mr. Snoot. Hogging the keyboard and drooling on it. Next she'll probably start a fan club. Darcie is always working on something, or preparing for a trip somewhere, these days spending as much time sitting with her foot up, dealing with the latest ankle injury...  Pawleen is bored. Walks appear to be out for some time. Then, what's time to a dog?

Marcie Mercy/ghost writer for Pawleen (Sep 18, 2009)